Kenneth S
ACLS Excellent Class!
Teresa C
PALS Was able to get a skills class quickly after finishing my online part.Larry Rowe SUPER at his job!. Made me feel less nervous and not intimidated while doing Mega a code. If I am in area when my ACLS and PALS need renewing I will get back in touch.
Yekaterina P
Awesome teaching style Larry does a great job of also including real life experiences to teaching this class. He makes it educational and fun at the same time. Highly recommend taking any class with him!
Simran T
Best CPR class This is by far the best CPR class I have taken thus far in my healthcare career. I learn through role playing/action/practice and not through videos and it was very hands on. I feel extremely prepared and remembered everything for real-life circumstances. Prices are very fair for what is taught. Def. coming here for future certifications!
michael c
BLS CPR Great class. Instructor very involved to give active instruction for much better retention of procedures needed. Thanks!
Blaire C
Excellent BLS Course!! Had a great experience with Asheville Heart. I took a BLS course with Linda, and she was great! Very knowledgeable and informative, and was super friendly and welcoming! I would definitely recommend!
David S
Great Instructor I hadn't taken BLS in over 30 years - so much has changed! Larry made the class fun and the material easy to remember, with helpful scenarios.
Lesco R
BCLS/ACLS Review ACLS renewal certainly is not at the top of task list but a necessity for work. This class was the most well structured and stress free I’ve taken in a decade. The curriculum was complete with a focus on practical execution. The instructor had a remarkable depth of knowledge with the ability to translate into accessible teaching points. The class was not only enjoyable, but 24 hours later the knowledge was still present post testing with an ability to execute if necessary .
Elizabeth T
ACLS class This is the best ACLS class i've ever taken. Thank you!!!!
Grace B
5 Stars!! Larry is an awesome instructor! We were given practice of real-world situations, and he personalized the instruction to each student. I learned more in this class than any previous classes I have attended. Thank you Larry! I now have the confidence I sorely lacked to handle an emergency situation.
Lauren Lyons
ACLS class BEST class I've had, hands down! Larry breaks the information down in a fun way that makes it easy to learn. Would definitely recommend this learning center and instructor!!!
Barbara V
Great review course! Small class size a plus for sure.
Darlene C
Great class! I really enjoyed the knowledge and humor that Mr Askew brought to the class -- I learned a lot!
Martha L
BLS Excellent! Would definitely recommend! David was an excellent and very funny teacher! We had a great time and learned a lot! Thank you!
Joe M
Comfortable and Objective I have taken several CPR classes in the last 10 years and this one stands out as one of the most enjoyable. David did a great job presenting material in an efficient and comprehensive manner. I feel more prepared to respond to an emergency today more than I did before this class. I highly recommend Asheville Heart CPR.
mara l
Wonderful Place! Great place to take my BLS for Healthcare providers. Easy registration, and good availability!
Patricia S
ACLS An excellent ACLS class. I would recommend it highly. Will be returning for PALS. Great didactic instruction and hands on component.
Angila C
Provider BLS Excellent class, David Askew made it fun, upbeat and relatable. A+
Haidee W
Healthcare BLS Thanks for informative class, just needed the practical part of it. The online prep was a good review.
Lindsee M
Acls It was great
Robin M
BLS course Great class and I have attended many that just put one to sleep. Very interactive. Thanks.
John C
Excellent instructor. Knowledgeable, thorough.
CPR Great Class. Highly informative. I feel confident in my CPR abilities.
BLS for providers efficiently presented, good skill review, lots of opportunity for discussion/cases/questions
Jane A
High marks for trainers Informative and very interactive, sharing experiences and techniques to improve our skills.
Stevie Joe F
CPR and First Aid Very helpful and informative. Enjoyed classes and the personal information the people gave a very good presentation
Monica H
ACLS Very informative in a comfortable, laid back environment that makes you eager to learn. I will definitely go to Larry again... Thanks Larry
Gerri C
ACLS Awesome and wonderful ACLS review!! Low stress, Larry makes learning fun!!
Jerome P
CPR Larry does a great job bringing out the most important points for real life scenarios and the things that will make the biggest difference. He teaches from a solid background of being out there on the streets as a full-time paramedic. Highly recommend the class if you really want to know what to do if you are faced with having to engage in CPR so save a life.
Erin D
ACLS The class was informative and enjoyable. I appreciated the relaxed environment and felt I was prepared to take the test by the end.
Candido S
Best CPR class in Asheville !!! Have attended many CPR classes throughout my long career. This one was the best by far. Highly recommended to all people seeking high quality training.
Deborah G
ACLS Recertification Once again, Larry’s teaching style and complete command of the material have combined to create a memorable practical experience that will serve me and all those in my care. Larry is extraordinarily talented at tailoring the class to meet the needs of the participants in their unique practice settings. The scenarios he used were realistic for our small group’s settings. I think this style of practice enhances recall during real life situations requiring ACLS. I will consider Larry’s recert classes first when I need them even if this means traveling to Asheville from where ever I am.
Laura W
Great Class! Larry is a great instructor and made this class both fun and educational! Definitely recommend taking his courses. Just watch out for the spiders ;-)
Ellen M
Sat 4-14-18 BLS class Best CPR class I have been in.
Alisha M
Great Class I really enjoyed the class.
Erin D
PALS Helpful and informative class once again! Thanks!
Abygail E
Quick and painless This class was small, quick and made personal to the types of situations that each participant could be involved in. The instructor was interesting and entertaining which made the learning easy and the time go by quicly.
Janet C
Great instructor Great instructor, loved the small class size
Mechelle A
Awesome CPR Class!! By far the best CPR Class I have ever taken!! Larry is such a talented instructor. He uses real life scenarios to fit your occupation. It will help you be more confident in your skills.
Ann S
BLS Well taught, succinctly and fun!!
Yasmeen G
Pss Very great class and fun
Katelyn B
Asheville Heart CPR Larry is an amazing instructor, and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to become certified in CPR. He is very knowledgeable, and answers questions thoroughly. I am very glad that I took the course through Asheville Heart CPR, and will definitely try to take any following courses with Larry!
Mary A
Just What The Employer Ordered I found this BLS class online, after my new employer indicated that it was required. The instructor, David was knowledgeable, and approachable. He did a good job of explaining the steps and reasons for each. He reviewed the content and had us practice separately, and together. I feel much more prepared to jump in if/when the need presents itself.
Monique U
CPR-AED for professional rescuer Great class- realistic scenarios taught in relaxed atmosphere. Will be returning and referring others
Jennifer R
ACLS and BLS Great classes! Fun, easy, simple! Worth every penny!
Rachel A
Great ACLS class! ACLS recertification was great at this site! On-time, competent, positive, great teacher, fun.
Audra D
Great Class Excellent interactive class with tons of useful info. I would highly recommend Larry!
Martha M
Great experience! Friendly staff & knowledgeable instructors! Will definitely return!
Robert B
Excellent PALS Course I have been a pediatrician for 20 years and have taken PALS multiple times and this course is one of the best. The instructor was both personable and professional. There were only 3 others in the class so we all received ample individual attention. While the course was a review for me I also learned new information. I like the low key, supportive atmosphere. I will definitely renew again in 2 years with Mr. Rowe. I highly recommend.
Amanda McGuire Johnson
Excellent AHA Class! I highly recommend completing any AHA certification course at Asheville Heart CPR. Larry was not only prompt with email responses but was also flexible with scheduling. It was a relaxed and friendly environment that helped to put those attending at ease. It is apparent that he is an expert and he tailored the scenarios for our skills session to our profession and experience. This kept each individual engaged and encouraged communication and teamwork in the class. I actually had a great time, and I will return for future re-certification needs.
Great CPR class! I've been to CPR classes every 2 years for quite a while and this one was the best! Time went fast, it was interesting, and the hands-on activities really helped!
Excellent class! Very much enjoyed the CPR-AED and First Aid class taught by Larry Rowe! Not only am I much more armed to deal with any unfortunate potentialities of after-school teachings, but I feel much more prepared to help my fellow man in general in his or her time of need. Many thanks for a well-run and interesting class!
Carla F
CPR/First Aid Training The ability to enable one human being to offer aid to another in a life threatening situation is an incredible gift. This training that I received from Larry Rowe empowers me to enable me to offer this. I feel qualified now and ready to assist if needed.
Jackie G
Great Class Loved the class and was very professional!
Erin G
Great class Great class. The instructor was kind and easy-going as well as knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter.
John H
Informative and fun Asheville Heart CPR has a great teaching program. Very informative and a lot of fun as well. Larry Rowe was my instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He kept the topics fun and made the scenarios entertaining. If you are looking for CPR /First Aid, look no further.
Peter T
Larry Rowe First Aid/CPR AED Larry did a great job. This session was very informative and lots of hands on learning.
Bethany E
LPN Larry was a fantastic instructor! Having taken BLS classes numerous times, I can say this was the best and most comprehensive I’ve ever had. He made it fun, informative, and dynamic. Will definitely be back!
Staci M
Painless!! Very quick and to the point! Love that Larry made it fun and not boring with the Jeopardy too! I'll definitely recommend to others.
PALS review Fabulous job in PALS provider review class, rolled BLS and PALS all in one! Most enjoyable! Thank you Larry!!
Beverly B
Recertification for CPR and AED Larry Rowe lead a class for a small group at our church. The instruction was very good, the course content well reviewed and demonstrated by each of use. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable, lots of laughter. This was the most fun I have had doing such serious work, thank you Larry!
Caitlin G
The Best CPR Class I Have Taken! Larry was a fantastic teacher! He made class fun by using real life scenarios that connected to each student. He is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have. His enthusiasm makes you want to learn! I will not go anywhere else for recertification!
Rachel E
Very Informitive! This was a great class! The instructor was very good at explaining and demonstrating as well as answering any questions we had. I feel much more confident now that I can help save a life!
Callie C
ACLS skills session Larry was awesome and made the class interactive and low-stress. He is very knowledgeable and had many examples of his own experiences that relate to the class. I would definitely recommend him and this class to anyone!
stephen m
BLS Very well done.
Gladys (Jean) C
CPR renewal Larry Rowe is an excellent instructor. He made the class fun as well as informative. I would recommend his class to anyone that needs to recertification or first time certification.
Kristine B
Excellent Program / Outstanding Instructor I highly recommend Asheville Heart CPR. The class was very informative, ample real life scenarios provided for hands on response and instruction, and the instructor to student ration allowed for excellent one-on-one coaching.
Karima R
PALS Skills Check off Larry is an amazing educator. You can tell he really loves the science of healthcare and is a joy to learn from.
Harry B
Great BLS Class This was a great class - the instructor is knowledgeable and entertaining. It was a relatively painless BLS experience.
Patricia F
Great Class I enjoyed how interactive and hands-on the skills session was. Well done.
Lisa K
Go there! Come here! Larry is an real time experienced EMT-P. He makes what is often a very boring got to get this done class into a lively, fun, interactive one, where even a shy introvert is welcomed and comfortable to participate. AND it doesn't take forever! This one is a good choice! Enjoy!
Donna W
BLS Training Larry was great and made the class pass by quickly. Loved the Life-like scenarios.
Jacob M
Excellent Instruction This is a great training center with an efficient, relaxed, but thorough learning environment.
michelle m
ACLS Great class. You made it easy! No stress at all. The info you gave prior to the class - if you studied it - you would do well! Thanks for an enjoyable class.
Torre P
Wendy S
cpr provider class The cpr class was first rate, and the hands on part was very helpful. The instructor worked well with us and was helpful and encouraging when we struggled.
Lori T
Fast and efficient LARRY was an awesome teacher. Very knowledgeable and flexible
Natalie W
BLS This BLS class was great. It was succinct and effective. I would recommend Asheville Heart CPR to anyone needing certification
CPR It was a nice experience without much stress. Very good instructor.
Susan J
ACLS Larry was fantastic! Plenty of time to ask questions. Very knowledgeable. Had a great time! Thanks Larry!
Irene A
Certified Dental Assistant Great instructor!
Brenda M
Review Very good instructor!
Laura W
BLS Awesome class...recommend highly!!!
BLS for providers Thank you for the excellent instruction!
Susan A
Great class Larry made the PALS recertification class painless and enjoyable. See you in 2 years :)
Annalisa F
CPR course Good course and great teacher - Larry Rowe. Was lucky to be in a small group to recert my BLS.